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Heatbelt PTFE Conveyer Belts

Heatbelt PTFE Conveyer Belts - Heat Belts are custom made for specialised conveying applications. Thin gauge and light weight. Requires less transmission power. Will not retain excessive heat. Suitable in cryogenic applications. High chemical resistance.

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Applications for PTFE Coated Heat Belts:

  • Heat Belts are custom made for specialised conveying applications
  • Thin gauge and light weight
  • Requires less transmission power
  • Will not retain excessive heat
  • Suitable in cryogenic applications
  • High chemical resistance
  • Compatible with high radio frequency, infra red, ultra violet and microwaves
  • Shrink tunnels
  • Drying - freezing tunnels
  • Curing of rubber components, adhesives, confectionery, cooking pastries, biscuits etc.
  • Side wrapping sealers
  • Wrapper belts